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At No. 2 Road Animal Hospital, we provide veterinary surgical care in Richmond for cats and dogs. One of the most important health decisions you can make for your pet is to have them spayed or neutered.



The benefits go far beyond avoiding unwanted litters. Here are some of the benefits of having your pet spayed or neutered:


  • Your pet will live a longer happier life – having your pet spayed helps to prevent uterine infections, mammary cancer, reproductive tract tumors and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal for approximately 90% of cats and 50% of dogs.
  • Spayed cats won’t go into heat – a female cat goes into heat for about 5 days every 3 weeks. To advertise to males, they’ll howl and urinate more frequently, sometimes urinating all over your home.
  • Spayed dogs won’t go into heat – when a dog is in heat their genitals will swell, they will release a bloody discharge, and their scent can be picked up by male dogs from a long distance. A fence won’t do much to deter a lustful male from seeking out your dog, which means you cannot leave your dog in the backyard unattended.


  • Reduce the Risk of Disease and Illness – neutering your pet reduces the risk of an enlarged prostate and prevents testicular cancer.
  • Vastly improved behavior – having your dog or cat neutered can greatly reduce behavioral issues with aggression as well as your pet’s urge to “mark their territory,” which can include your house.
  • Reduces roaming urges – cats and dogs that haven’t been neutered will have the urge to roam your neighbourhood in search of a companion, which can last for days at a time and can lead to fighting with other animals. Having your pet neutered greatly reduces this urge.
  • They will be more attentive and focused on you – a neutered pet, not having the urge to find a mate, will be a more attentive companion!

Along with our spaying and neutering services, we also provide x-rays, dental surgeries, as well as other more routine procedures. Ultrasounds, endoscopies, and pediatric surgeries are conducted by specialists that visit our hospital when needed. If you have any questions regarding our surgical services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.